• Holly Mead

Composing Music by William Russo: Chapter 2 / Exercise 3-5

Diatonic Triads

King Edrevol is so moved by your musical performance with Ceridwen that he has to wipe away a tear before clapping. You think he is awfully sensitive for someone with a bloodstained reputation, but you barley have time to muse on this before Ceridwen speaks.

“Your lordship, in exchange for room and board, I will consent to your request to stay for a fortnight in order to better acquaint your new bard with the customs of your court and general music theory.”

The king looks satisfied. “Very good, Ceridwen. Thank you. A few more tunes if you please, and then I would like you to introduce our new bard to the court lions.” Edrevol's eyes twinkle mischievously.

Ceridwen bows to Edrevol before turning to face you. She whispers - “For our next song, use only major and minor triads derived from the D Major scale.”

You nod, ready your harp, and begin to play.

*Side note: Russo recommends doing exercises 3-5 in the key of C for beginners, but I chose to mix things up by playing around in D major. I also took liberties by inverting my triads, adding a melody, etc.